Courses & Workshops

Prema Healing does not currently provide Kinesiology courses. The information below gives an overview of previous courses in Kinergetics Kinesiology that I offered up until 2016. For information on currently available Kinergetics workshops/courses please visit the official Kinergetics website

Kinergetics combines Kinesiology muscle monitoring with natural healing energy in a system developed by Kinesiologist Philip Rafferty.

Kinergetics is a painless, fast, non-invasive method of healing which works to re-establish balance in the energy fields of the body. It is recognised worldwide today as a fast, effective branch of “Energy Kinesiology” capable of addressing a huge range of issues. 

“Energy Kinesiology” uses biofeedback to access your subconscious and locate stresses held in specific areas of the body. By accessing the cause of the issue, stress clears at a deep level to bring about lasting energetic and physical changes.

Energetic imbalances accessed through muscle testing during a Kinergetics session are corrected by sending healing energy to areas specified by muscle testing results on the individual e.g. chakras, glands, organs/muscles, acupuncture or other energy points.

Click to watch a demonstration of Kinergetics now!  

Past Courses

Weekend, weekday and intensive courses were held in Sydney and other cities through the year.

Prema Healing offered courses in Kinergetics Units 1, 2 &  3. The full stream of Kinergetics courses runs from Unit 1 through 6 and Masterclass.

Accredited by the Australian Kinesiology Association and the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists.

After completing each unit students received a Kineregtics Certificate for 15 hours accredited training authorising you to start practising Energy Kinesiology as a “Kinergetics consultant”.

The certificate for each two-day Kinergetics unit was used by some students to count as 15 training hours of prior learning towards the Diploma in Kinesiology on completion of a competency assessment.

The courses featured:

  • Small group teaching and individual attention
  • Kinergetics specialist
  • Training delivered by an experienced teacher and practitioner with qualifications in medicine and teaching.
  • Learn a Kinesiology system that integrates world’s best practice techniques
  • Flexible delivery – learn at your own pace – each unit is 2 days
  • Your life doesn’t have to stop while training!
  • Take courses up to the level which suits you and save
  • Incredible value for the amount of material and skills learnt
  • Accredited by the AIK (Australian Insititute of Kinesiologists) and the AKA (Australian Kinesiology Association)
  • Recognised as prior learning for the Diploma in Kinesiology
  • No college enrollment or admin fees
  • Courses repeated regularly throughout the year
  • Course cost only $450 per two day unit
  • Repeat fee only $90 – an 80% discount – per two day unit
  • Clear, concise, well illustrated course manuals
  • Membership of Kinergetics National Association available
  • Professional support and advice



This course introduced Kinergetics – Energy Kinesiology in a practical weekend course. Kinergetics can be used safely on others or yourself and is an ideal healing modality for family, friends or for professional use on clients. Kinergetics Unit 1 was a stand alone course but also suitable as a first step on the path towards Kinesiology mastery.


  • Basic Kinesiology – how to muscle-test to access the body’s intelligence  
  • How to direct healing energy to chakras, glands and organs  
  • Food sensitivity testing and correction  
  • How to clear stress reactions to difficult situations  
  • Left-right brain integration to boost concentration and memory
  • Hydrate the body to accelerate healing, repair and detox  
  • Pain clearing techniques  
  • Corrections to clear TMJ (jaw) stresses  
  • Self-test and clear stresses from yourself, babies, children and pets
  • Managing toxin and emotional release
  • Retrieving lost information
  • Setting parameters and structuring a healing session
  • Hydration correction and Hydration scan list
  • Electrolyte correction 




This was open to students who successfully completed Kinergetics 1. Kinergetics 2 builds on the muscle testing and energy balancing skills learnt in Unit 1 and introduces powerful new Kinesiology techniques.

Content of Kinergetics 2:

  • Identify and clear negative emotions and assist in the recovery from trauma related to specific events, people, situations and ages
  • Improve vision for near/far sightedness and improve reading ability
  • Identify the type and location of suppressed stresses
  • Advanced TMJ-Jaw balance to clear deep seated issues causing jaw, neck or back problems
  • Unblock energy in many body systems and processes using formats of anatomy and physiology e.g. immune, digestive and nervous systems
  • Use new scan lists to do deeper corrections



Open to students who successfully completed Kinergetics Unit 2. Unit 3 gives you many core Kinesiology techniques to deal with a broad range of issues and clients commonly encountered in professional practice.

Content of Kinergetics 3:

  • Testing 16 Muscles in Contraction and Extension
  • Testing 8 extra muscles
  • Multiple stacking
  • Alarm points
  • Surrogate testing
  • Jammed Muscle Circuits
  • Reactive muscles
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Planning client sessions
  • Heavy Metal including Mercury detox
  • Candida
  • Preventing a healing crisis