“A friend of mine suggested I consult Mark for Kinesiology. I’ll be forever grateful to her for that. I was struggling with chronic pain, insomnia, grief after losing my mum to cancer, IBS and a list that goes on and on. I was desperate and Mark seemed my last hope, so I thought what the hell, I have nothing to lose!

But I was very skeptical when I first started Mark’s treatments, as I had never heard of Kinesiology and didn’t have a clue what to expect.

So far, I have had three sessions and it has been the best thing I could have done for myself. I didn’t understand how it worked and I still don’t. But I quickly started seeing positive changes in my behaviour and thinking. Best of all my pain has dramatically reduced. I couldn’t believe it when I slept eight hours straight on the night after the first session and am now sleeping much better. Prior to the sessions I would only get about 4-5 hours sleep.

So yes, everything has improved a lot and I am still amazed. I can’t thank Mark enough for all his support in my journey and would highly recommend anyone who has doubts to just give it a go. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain”.

Biljana, September 2019.


“I don’t have enough words to thank Mark. I’m a spiritual person and for a long time believed that we humans are strong enough to deal with our issues and sort them out on our own. But I changed my mind! One day I was having coffee with a friend and I said to her that I feel I need to see someone because I feel that my stress and anxiety is getting out of control. She then gave me Mark’s details and suggested that I may benefit from his therapeutic work. I’d never seen a therapist before. I had no knowledge of kinesiology. After my first session I was amazed. I realised that I have been living with complex trauma all my life which at one point led to breast cancer. During the sessions, Mark helped me unfold my traumas one by one. After every session I felt like a new and different person. I was able to connect with the real me. I feel I have more clarity and vision for my future now. I’m a calmer and more relaxed person. My working with Mark has really helped me bring positive outcomes in both my personal and professional life. I really appreciate Mark’s non-judgemental approach. He’s a great counsellor and a highly empathic person. The results seem too good to be true but this is what really happened. I would highly recommend Mark Simblist to anyone wanting help for stress and anxiety.”

N.J., August 2018


“Mark Simblist is the best therapist I’ve ever had. When I met Mark for my first session I sensed immediately that I’d found a true expert in the field. Mark has a genuine love for his work which makes his Kinesiology sessions so enjoyable. I’ve had many Kinesiology balances from other practitioners before but even so I was still amazed at how much material Mark can handle in a session. Our time is a precious gift and we cover a lot of ground in the hour. I realise that I’ve built defensive walls around emotional issues within me but the speed and intensity of Mark’s therapy has allowed me to finally break down these barriers in a good way. I feel Mark understands my issues and needs as a client and the depth of the work I’m doing with him is literally transforming my life. I’m so grateful our paths crossed. I can’t thank Mark enough.”

Linda Bonini, May 2018.


“I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am to have been recommended by a friend to go see Mark. Admittedly, I was a little skeptical at first but all that evaporated very quickly once I had my first session. Mark treats you with respect and kindness. Although professional, he injects a little humour to make you comfortable and at ease.

I’ve had some traumas that spilled onto many areas of my life. They were unresolved and continuing their vicious cycles. This resulted in depression, an eating disorder, severe stress, anxiety, O.C.D. and a very sore jaw!  Mark has helped alleviate all of these with what I’d call his special “gift”. There’s no other word to describe it! Talking to Mark at the beginning of the session is always my favourite part. He has this wisdom and ability to put things in perspective and really makes you feel like you’re being heard and understood.

Every time I leave a session with Mark, I feel more positive, motivated and re-energised. In particular I’ve seen massive improvements in my relationships, career, study/focus, mood and general outlook on life. I can safely say I’m a different, yet better version of my self and I’m improving every day. Mark, I sincerely thank you for all your help.

For whatever issue that’s causing you stress in your life, go see Mark for help, you won’t regret it!”

Dejana C., May 2018


“I have suffered from jaw problems and anxiety for a long time and have worn a splint for years to protect my teeth from grinding overnight. As a result of my teeth grinding, my whole left, upper body was in a lot of pain and very tense. It got to the point where I got used to this feeling of pain, anxiety and thoughts of worry every single day. I made the decision not to suffer emotionally, mentally and physically any longer!

I have tried positive thinking, relaxation techniques as well as massages but the feeling was very short-lived and was expensive to have regularly. I was desperate to get help asap. I knew that I had to have a deeper subconscious release and wanted to see someone who also works on a spiritual level.

Consulting Mark was the best decision I made. His Kinesiology healing techniques amaze me every time. After only a few sessions, I feel better than I have ever felt before. I highly recommend Mark. You will be in safe hands.”

Adriana S., April 2018

“Before I started seeing Mark for Kinesiology treatments I was tired all the time, had no motivation for the things I used to enjoy and my memory and ability to focus were deteriorating. Everything was an effort. I had some medical tests done which were all normal. My GP advised me that my problems were stress related and that I should to try to relax and stress less. Well I was trying but not quite getting there!

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Kinesiology and had no idea how it works or how it could be of any help to me. My first session with Mark was very supportive and I really felt heard and validated. Mark has excellent counselling skills and a non-judgmental attitude. You have his full attention and nothing gets dismissed. The sessions helped me realize that I’d been working so hard and so long to suppress deep, unresolved emotional pain. All my energy had been wasted on that. Mark’s Kinesiology treatments dissolved all that emotional burden within 4-5 sessions, which is quite astounding. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the therapy was life changing.

In saying that I don’t want people to think “if it’s too good to be true then it probably isn’t”. In this case it is true! I really want sceptics of a non-conventional therapy to at least to stop and consider giving it a try. What have you got to lose? The answer is a lot – your trauma and emotional pain, your fears and worries, and that never-ending monologue inside your head that saps away your life energy. So, if you want to keep holding on to all that negativity, you’d better not see Mark!

I work in the mental health field so I know from experience that it can take years of conventional therapy to achieve similar results and sadly in some cases even years is not enough. I am still not quite clear how Mark facilitated these breakthroughs with me in such a short time but the best part about it is that you don’t have to understand it to benefit from it. 

I feel there has been a major shift in how I experience the world now. Everything is still the same, yet I see it from a different angle. I still find myself in challenging situations and wait for a strong emotional reaction, just because there used to be one before but there is none, just this space where you are comfortable and at ease to deal with whatever comes your way. It is an amazing feeling, it is liberating and empowering at the same time. I also feel that I have this endless supply of energy that I even surprise myself. I haven’t felt this energised since I was 20. The experience has been life changing and I highly recommend Mark to everyone!”

Anita Calic, April 2018.


“I went to see Mark Simblist a few months ago about a recurring redness above my mouth. For the previous two years I had seen several medical and complementary practitioners and spent thousands on tests, detoxes, skincare, supplements etc. Nothing seemed to work. But after three Kinesiology sessions with Mark it was gone! My skin has been great ever since and no longer flares up with the usual triggers like stress or being run down. Thank you Mark!”

Bridget Hoskins, January 2017


“I have worked for ten years trying to resolve issues that Mark transformed over a period of three weeks! Mark is an extremely skillful Kinesiologist and just as wise. In my opinion he is a master of his profession, combining a very practical therapy with genuine spiritual understanding.  His Kinesiology treatments will help clear your subconscious of what you don’t need and help you live the life you want.”

Barbara Young, March 2016


“I went to Mark not knowing what Kinergetics was but I was soon amazed at the effects of the sessions. Mark was able to narrow down issues quickly and balance the body back to good health.

Later sessions using age recession released belief systems and patterns that were no longer helping me. I’m grateful to Mark for his experience and the ease I felt in having Kinesiology treatments.”

Michael Douglas, January 2015


“For years I have been poked and tested by both doctors and natural practitioners, going over every detail of my medical, personal and family history, current symptoms, well being and state of mind, only to be told I was stressed or depressed.

Yes I was depressed and stressed, but that was because I had no energy, was sick all the time and felt tired of dealing with a never ending list of allergies and intolerances, a poor immune system and constant respiratory and gastric infections.

After just a couple of Kinesiology sessions with Mark, I not only had answers but my energy was back. I was sleeping, eating and wanting to enjoy life. I can’t thank Mark enough for his support and would recommend him to anyone who is struggling with general well being, a low immune system, food allergies or chronic fatigue.”

Margaret, January 2015


“I fell backwards and hurt my back about eight months ago. After several physiotherapy sessions my back was no better and it continued to be painful and sore. I love gardening but wasn’t able to do any. Finally I’d had enough, I decided I would go and see Mark. Earlier he had done miracles on my shoulders having removed longstanding problems in one treatment both times.

Don’t ask me what he did! But I walked out from the session and felt that if I flapped my arms in the air I would fly home! My back pain was gone and I could walk straight and with ease. It was such a release and a relief. My gratitude is monumental.  Thank you Mark.”

Charm Robinson, February 2015


“Working with Mark has been an absolute blessing. I have regained my self-confidence to run my own business and let go of my need to over apologise and devalue myself. My anxieties surrounding a lack of love, money and time have all dissipated as Mark helped me manifest positive outcomes with Kinesiology.

One session raised my concerns over my long term relationship not eventuating into marriage and within a week of our session my partner proposed!

Mark is amazingly intuitive and experienced and I am so grateful we crossed paths. He has really helped reconnect me to the person I truly believe I am and where I feel I belong in this stage of my life.”

Jacinta, February 2015


“I have had jaw problems for years now and been to several practitioners, dentists and doctors to fix my jaw without success. One dentist even suggested I have botox injections to ‘relax’ the tight muscles around my mouth…

But after just one session of Kinesiology with Mark those jaw problems were gone! I left the session feeling so much better overall just from that first visit.

I now also know the likely causes of my allergy problems and noticed positive changes straight after the first session.

I’ve been completely surprised by the amazing results.

I would not hesitate to recommend Mark’s gift for healing with Kinesiology to anyone.”

Riza Asgar, April 2015



“In August last year I suffered major heart failure and very nearly died. My heart was down to operating to only 10% of its capacity. My life was saved by an incredibly talented and caring cardiologist.

However the long road back to health was expected to take at least twelve months.

Some time later my wife suggested I also go and see Mark Simblist for Kinesiology to aid with my recovery. I did and consulting Mark was absolutely the best of a few extra initiatives I took to aid with my health and general state of well being.

From the very first of my sessions I felt a lift in both my physical and mental well being. Most sessions I would walk out as if on air six inches above the ground.

I had already started on weekly massage but now added Pilates – all of which has helped rebuild body strength and wellbeing.

However I still attribute most of the improved rate of return to good health to the incredible gift Mark has and the Kinesiology work he did with me.

Mark worked with me on my stresses and self-esteem and gave me the tools and the ability to deal with all that in a much more effective manner.

I am a much more together person with my confidence back. I also have some wonderful new ways of looking at and dealing with things that impact my life. I dwell on so called problems a good deal less and enjoy life a great deal more.

Kinesiology may seem slightly weird at times but it’s an amazing therapy, especially in the hands of someone like Mark.”

Chris Jacobs, April 2015


“About a year ago I went to see Mark about my self-sabotage and inability to have a relationship which lasted longer than three months.

I had already pre-arranged a date for after my first Kinesiology session but didn’t think much of it. In fact I almost cancelled because I felt so relaxed after the session. Going out on a date was the last thing I felt like doing! Anyway, because I had already committed I did go out and it was very pleasant.

Two weeks later, at my third and final session, Mark reassured me that I would see changes in my life from the Kinesiology he did.

Mark worked with me to release negative emotions and to set positive goals for my personal life. I must admit I was skeptical but remained optimistic.

That was over one year ago….

But things in my life did change!

In four weeks time I’m marrying the man I went out on that date with. My husband to be is an amazing man and I am truly happy.

I now see how Kinesiology helped me reach my goal of finding love and a life partner. Thank you Mark!!”

Yana Bilic, March 2015

“I went to see Mark with a truckload of challenging circumstances about five months ago. My consultations with Mark have been very valuable.  He brings many different disciplines to enrich his approach including Kinesiology, Energy healing and Counselling.

Mark has a genuine commitment to his client’s well being. A warm intelligence and lovely gentle humor infuse his consultations.  He has given me the tools to address emotionally hefty issues with unprecedented confidence and clarity. Mark has helped me trust myself where I could not before and helped me to stay on track! Highly recommended”.

Sandra,  November 2014


“I have been grinding my teeth a long time, but although I have been using a splint to protect my teeth, I would still wake up with tense and sore jaws most mornings.

It really does work!  After two sessions my grinding was gone – no more sore or tense jaws. Also, another bonus is that I have been ‘migraine free’ since I started my treatment.  This is due to Kinesiology and Mark’s ability to uncover and release deep emotional hurts and stresses in the past that I had suppressed.”

Mark has increased my ability to handle stress in all areas of my life.”  

Kris Brown, June 2011


Kinergetics 1 course March 15-16, 2014:  

“Thank you Mark for a wonderful weekend that was inspirational, fun, educational and eye-opening to a whole new world of healing. You are a wonderful teacher, full of energy, enthusiasm and experience.”

Nancy Chapple, Coffs Harbour


“Thank you for the great workshop – I found it helpful and very inspiring.”

Liana Tighe, Port Macqaurie


“I thought the course was so interesting and I really enjoyed it. I loved that we got a lot of time to practice and the chance to meet people who have the same interests. Thanks heaps again, keep me updated with Unit 2!”

Amy Winter, Port Macquarie


Kinergetics 1 course May 2011.

“I did Mark’s Kinergetics course. It was great! Mark has a very focussed and light teaching style which meant he was able to engage us all, deliver the material to our level of understanding and needs and give clear examples.

We all got to go through the information thoroughly with many chances to practise. I really loved the course. I recommend Mark’s Kinergetics workshops to the max.” 

Rachel Guerry, Bondi


Kinergetics Units 1 & 2 November 2014

“I attended Mark’s Kinergetics courses to understand how Kinergetics worked and also with the goal of self-development. With no background in medicine or healing I was apprehensive about how I would go. However this turned out not to be an issue and the course was very informative. Mark teaches in a relaxed manner with very clear demonstrations. I was amazed that after the course I could go home and help family and friends with pain, stress and energy issues and achieve notable results.”

Michael Douglas, Donnybrook WA