Stress Management

Stress management is essential to maintain a positive and creative relationship with life. Stress management can prevent your body getting stuck on on high alert and stop high levels of stress over time leading to serious problems. Don’t wait until stress has a negative impact on your health, relationships or quality of life.

Stress is a psychological and physical response to life situations and circumstances. Our nervous system has an inbuilt alarm system for our protection. When the brain perceives a threat, it signals your body to release hormones including adrenaline to fuel your capacity to escape danger, the so called “fight-flight” response.

Once the threat is gone, the body is meant to return to a normal relaxed state. Unfortunately, our life circumstances, resistance to change or the non-stop stress of modern life means that our alarm system may not shut off. As a result the hormonal system can go into overdrive, our immune system can become disordered and cardiovascular problems can arise.

Unresolved stress is a key factor in the cause of many illnesses, emotional problems and nutritional and energy disturbances. That’s why stress management is so important.

Talking through challenging issues and stressful situations in counselling plays a part in stress management but this may take a very long time on its own. The addition of Kinesiology to the mix offers a powerful way to ‘cut through’ and identify the underlying, suppressed causes of a client’s issues, help release emotions and move forward. Kinesiology helps clients relate better to themselves and others is ultimately a great resource for self-empowerment.

As part of  your stress management sessions at Prema Healing you’ll receive counselling combined with the latest Kinergetics stress and trauma clearing techniques. The experience of releasing suppressed negative emotions and trauma in a supportive environment can be life changing. You’ll also receive guidelines on how to support the body with adequate nutrition, energy and hydration which is so essential during times of change. 

It’s recommended that you also learn some stress management strategies for use at home. These can include meditation or relaxation techniques, emotional stress release (ESR) and also take up some form of regular exercise and recreational activities which are fun and fulfilling.